A directory of the best custom slack emojis

Slackmojis is showing you the most amazing custom emojis for your Slack conversations. Make your chats with the colleagues a little more interesting and enjoyable by including some laughter to your boring work communication.

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Where is :partyparrot: cc: @rrhoover @mscccc
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@jsneedles Added! :partyparrot: on.
Greetings Product Huntians! I made Slackmojis because I wanted amazing custom emojis for the Slacks I am in. After searching around the internet I realized that a good custom emoji is hard to come by. The goal is to make a directory of great emojis so when you are looking to add some :fire: to your slack game, you just and :boom:. No slack should go without a :smh:, :america:, or my personal favorite :sheepy: (see above). If you've got some emojis the world needs to see please add them (see the link in the footer). Take this Friday morning to spice up your Slacks a bit with some custom 'mojis. :metal:
By the way, if you're a developer and want to build/integrate something there is an API for all the emojis:
@jkupferman Great collection! How can I import them to my slack team?
You know you've made it when you get you're own emoji made by others 😎 Here we have a collection from MakerHunt Me Cool @erictwillis Happy @erictwillis Rampage @erictwillis Mubs ( @mubashariqbal ) Seth ( @sethlouey )
@bentossell @erictwillis @mubashariqbal @sethlouey How did someone create the face emoji? Just photoshop the face out and size it correctly?
When @hermanng brought AngelList/Product Hunt productivity to a halt, by linking to Slackmoji:
We have : - Whisky - Cowboy/Girl emoji - Facepalm / Animated face palm - BroFist and Our own personal faces as emojis