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Hey! At ReadMe, we love emojis... but adding new emojis to Slack is a bit of a pain. You need to find it, make it transparent, resize it to 128px, save it, upload it, name it... etc. So, I built this to make it stupidly simple to 🕵🏼‍♀️ browse or 🔎 search for new emojis to add to Slack. It's built right on top of the existing UI, and lets you easily browse thousands of emojis and add them in one click. (Have some new emojis you want? Let me know!!)
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@gkoberger love this! I know personally the few custom emojis I've used in Slack are some of my favorite, so this is super handy. How long did it take to make and any things that didn't make the cut you want to add in the future?
@gkoberger Wow, I'm super excited to check this out!
@ianmikutel Took a few hours :) I'd love to add some features that make it easier to add your own emojis: * Automatic resizing to 128px * Bulk upload from your computer * "Share with everyone" option so you can upload your own emoji sets * Better searching (If anyone wants these, let me know and I can attempt to add them!)
@gkoberger I love this! Just added super cute coffee and space emojis to my Unicorn Think Tank Slack group. Thanks so much!
@gkoberger @ianmikutel creating and sharing sets easily would be *awesome*! Also, any way to just batch-add an entire set at once?
This is amazing! And excellent implementation!
Our Senior Slack Emoji Manager will love it!
Welcome to the Moji Club!