Shared channels between Slack teams

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My team and I have spun up a number of these shared channels over the past couple of months. After using in the wild, I truly believe this is a key piece of the Slack experience that was missing. I wrote a few more thoughts about my views and how it works (for us), here: -- Hopefully Ernesto and Blanca from Slackline will jump into the comments later today!
Dan I'm seriously pumped about this, we work with a handful of clients that also use slack. This idea makes sense! Plan to check it out today!
@toddba do let us know if you have any comments or feedback! :)
Hi! Ernesto from Slackline here :) We created a #product-talk channel for you to try slackline for free and talk with other Product Hunters: Drop by and say hi!
@ernesto_jimenez I couldn't get the outgoing webhook set up, says you do need keywords:
@gillianim did you select the channel you want to connect in the outgoing webhook form? We'll get rid of outgoing webhook setup as soon as the Slack API allows us to :)
@ernesto_jimenez figured it out but too much noise in the chat for me right now. Cool tool though and I can imagine using this with other clients/teams! Thanks.
Love this in theory! The permissions are kind of extensive; anything we can do to firewall that?
@gregcohn we would love to limit the permissions but we need Slack to offer narrower scopes before. In the meantime, our T&C's and Privacy Policy only allow us to acces the data we need to provide you with the service.
@ernesto_jimenez perfect (and i figured) -- thanks
So glad this has been set up. Lifechanging.
@shivon glad it's being useful! :)