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Hi there Product Hunters, SlackerNews is exactly what you're thinking about! We aim to do the same of thing of other aggregators but with a twist: the content is curated by your team. Our bot (@ marq) tracks the posted links on your desired Slack channels and will calculate a link's popularity based on the reactions of your team. Want to get featured on your team's (private) front page? You better post some quality content... The most popular links will reach your SlackerNews team's front page! Any feedback is welcome!
Awesome idea guys. Can I configure it to just send the digest weekly? Our Slack is not that busy :P
@sdsantos Hi Sérgio, thanks for the feedback! This is not possible yet, but it is one of our priorities for the next steps. You’ll be able to use a Slack command to tell our bot to which channel the digest should be sent, and then you’ll receive a weekly resume of the team’s top links and top users. :)