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#4 Product of the DayAugust 16, 2015
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Looks interesting. Curious to hear from the team how they've designed their secret sauce of figuring out what's important enough to show in the digest.
@pieterpaul Hi Pieter! Thanks for the question. We use length of text, keywords primarily to curate the important conversations. Let us know if it works for your team!
Hello everyone! I'm Carylyne and the maker of SlackDigest. SlackDigest was born out of a weekend hackathon to build something to help us manage the boatloads of Slack messages we get every day, being part of several Slack groups and communities. How SlackDigest intelligently "digests" the Slack channels are based on various basic parameters such as text length, keywords, user, question or not, etc. So it doesn't require you to go out of your way to add signals such as ** or -- to make it register in your digests. It requires administrators to add the bot, so we're working with teams and community leaders to get it in Slack groups. Some of our users are also happily paying to get email digests sent directly to their inboxes. Look forward to your feedback and suggestions! Also if you happen to have a background in language processing, please let us know if you'd like to help make SlackDigest bot even better :D
@bentossell Thanks for featuring us today! :D
Great idea. It would be useful to have more screenshots to get a better understanding of how it works or at least some way of testing it before making it live on a community of 1700+ or so..
@jonbstrong Thanks! Have just uploaded some media above of what the digest/ bot implementation looks like after it is in. It has been tested with various teams so rest assured it works. Feel free to chat us as well if you encounter issues, we are on standby to help! :)
I've been waiting for something like this. I'm in some busy Slack groups (like MakerHunt) and really wanted a better way to keep up. I'll give this a shot!
@ramykhuffash thanks Ramy! Give it a spin in your slack teams and introduce it to the admins for us! Look forward to your feedback. We find many users who have content consumers like it alot.
Hey this looks cool, but what if big communities would implement it: would its users have a way to opt in/out of the DM's per user?
@leonpals Ah I see, it asks if they want to opt in :)