Catch up all the unread across your Slack teams in one place

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If you are part of multiple Slack teams like me, you would love SlackCatchup. Catch up with all the unread messages across your Slack teams in a single place. It loads only a single page with all your teams consuming very less memory! Helps you breeze through your messages on multiple teams in less time and fewer clicks.
@kwdinc Thanks for hunting SlackCatchup. Slack's "All unread" was really useful to catch up unread messages. We felt what if the same thing existed for multiple teams and created SlackCatchup. Would be glad to answer any question here.
@vinodhdavid @kwdinc when downloading on the site for Mac i only get a .txt file?
@mykecheckonetwo @kwdinc Which version of mac are you using? Does it download as .txt file? Can you mail me at
@mykecheckonetwo @kwdinc There was a bug with safari and we have fixed it now.
Really useful stuff!
Definitely a time saver.
I'm not able to download the Mac DMG is anyone else having that issue?
@mykecheckonetwo There was an issue in Mac safari - Kindly refresh the page and try again.