Post command line output directly to Slack.

get it
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Cameron Banowsky
Cameron Banowsky@cbanowsky · hacker
This is amazing. I sit in front of the command line all day and for Limux users the GUI Slack app is much less than perfect. Really great concept, idea and execution. I'm happy to see like-minded people out there who value their terminal and realize the inherent powers it holds. Great job
Cem Kozinoglu
Cem Kozinoglu@cemkozinoglu · Director of Mobile @Giphy
This is awesome!
orliesaurus@orliesaurus · Lasers handler
Ackshaey Singh
Ackshaey Singh@ackshaey · Tech Entrepreneur, S. Engineer @ Oracle
This is pretty awesome. We spend too much time in an Oracle linux terminal environment - one more reason to get our team on Slack.