Daily backup for Slack teams

#3 Product of the DayNovember 09, 2018

SlackBucket helps you to keep your messages alive even if you don't have a paid Slack plan. Never lose your history again!

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Hey Makers! I built this side project because I needed for my startup. We recently downgraded our account to the free plan and lost most of our conversations, because Slack only keeps 10k messages for free plans. Slack has 8M active users, of which 3M are paid users. That means there are 5M free users. Most of them are part of large communities, in which many valuable discussions happen every day. And all these conversations are also gone forever! I have two hypothesis: 1. A fraction of these paid users don't actually need the paid plan except to keep their history alive. Still, they have to pay $6/user/mo. In a team of 10, it becomes $60, which is quite expensive for some startups. 2. Most of these communities would also like to save their conversations, but they cannot afford to pay for thousands of users. This is why I decided to build this project: to give a simple, easy and cheap way to save their messages completely. I am looking forward to getting your feedback!
Where will the messages be stored?
@evgenii83 It's stored in a reliable and secure cloud database at Google Cloud Platform.
This may be cool but people will think about where their messages will be stored. You should give more information about your product to your potential customers. It's good product at first glance. I just wondered what Slack is thinking about SlackBucket.
@kemalgoksucom The data is securely in a cloud database powered by Google Cloud Platform. But you are right, I gotta say something about it. >I just wondered what Slack is thinking about SlackBucket. Slack already give the ability for users (including the the ones in the free plan) to backup their data. They deliver a set of JSON files, which is only "readable" by programmers. I'm just providing a way to automate the backup, store in the cloud and display in a human-readable version. I've read all their terms and didn't find anything that could affect me. Thanks for your feedback.
@tregismoreira Thanks for your reply. I understood better now. Good luck. :)
@tregismoreira Hello, Thiago! Nice job! But is this legal? ;)
@nadezhda_kos That's a good question. Slack already provide the ability for users to back up their data, even for non-paid users. Is it legal if someone wants to back up his/her data and save on GoogleDrive or Dropbox? I think so. I think I can keep my data anywhere I want. What SlackBucket does is: 1. Automate the backup process 2. Store in a secure place (powered by Google Cloud Platform) 3. Format the output so that a human can read (otherwise you would have to deal with dozen of `.json` files). Does it make any sense? :) Besides, I've read all their terms and didn't find anything against this. But I'll be happy if someone proves me wrong. This way I will be able to fix in advance. Thanks for your comment/feedback! ;)
@nadezhda_kos @tregismoreira I think that this may be against the Acceptable Use Policy with Slack ( Specifically: "Do not: ... access the Services in order to build a similar or competitive product or service or copy any ideas, features, functions, or graphics of the Services;" That said, I wish you good luck. I built a similar tool and we use it with my organization internally. It listens to all of the messages in each channel and once daily emails all of that day's messages to anyone who has subscribed to that channel. It's a really useful tool, because once the chats are in my email, I can use the GMail search functionality to look through my email content, google chat content, and slack chats, which is great if i can't remember what medium was used for the information i am looking for!
@nadezhda_kos @alex_willingham1 Thanks for your comment. I still think it's not competing with Slack. It's a way for users to save their own data. But anyways, I'll dig deeper on this situation to make sure we are not against any rule. Thanks again and good to know about your product 😉