A physical button that sends a customized alert to Slack 🚨

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Justin Thorp
Justin ThorpHunter@thorpus · Marketing Manager, Oracle Data Cloud
We all use Slack constantly everyday. It's fun to see people stretch the platform in ways that you wouldn't initially expect. I could see using something like this for a doorbell. It'd be super useful. At the very least, I hope this starts the convo about how to connect slack with hardware.
Maxwell White
Maxwell White@maxjwhite · New PH account! Follow me @tweetatmax
@thorpus agreed. To get a notification that my 🍕has arrived while being able to have my jams in my headphones going would be great
Brian Heffernan
Brian Heffernan@realbrianheff · Product @ Joojoo
@maxjwhite @thorpus Alas! The 🍕 button cometh.
Justin Sinichko
Justin SinichkoMaker@stopshinal
Hey everyone! We were itching for a screenless UI when we decided to make SlackAlert. It's fully functional with lights, sound, and four tactile buttons. You can easily make your own for ~ $50 and customize to your heart's content. Check it out and let us know what you think!
Ben Travis
Ben TravisMaker@bmtravis · likes analytics and useful things
@stopshinal And we had a blast making a video to go along with it:
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
@mscccc this is for you
Palash Bagchi
Palash Bagchi@palash76 · Growth Hacker
Christoph Schachner
Christoph Schachner@christophs6 · ready2order, Head of Growth & SEO
This could become big. If further features get implemented I will deffinitly look into it. #bookmarked