Slack Video Messaging by Standuply

Easily record and send video messages in Slack 📹

#2 Product of the DayMarch 13, 2018

Text messages are handy but lack emotions 😐

Calls are essential but sometimes distracting

Video messages convey data with a human touch 🙃

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Hello Product Hunt! I'm excited to share how we supercharged Slack in our remote team at Standuply. It's harder to keep human touch when time zones stand in the way. "Sadly Slack doesn't have video messaging option", we thought back in the day. Thus we decided to make it for our team. It took us some time and effort, but now we're fully armed with text messages, calls and video messages on Slack. No more misinterpretations or demotivation. Now we see each other faces more often, and it feels awesome ✨ 💡 How does it work? You install Standuply slack bot which brings /video slash command. Then you just type /video in a channel or in a DM with a person to send a video message in a corresponding place. 💽 Where are videos stored? We connect to your Google account and create a private video channel on Youtube for your account. All your videos are stored there, and you have the full control. Also having them in a private video channel means nobody will see them unless you share the link to the message. 💵 How much does it cost? At the moment video messages are the part of the free plan at Standuply. All you need is to have the bot installed on your team. 🗣️ Can I use video messages for standup meetings? It's a paid feature, though. See details at We're looking to having your feedback and suggestion. Warm welcome from Thailand, Siberia and St. Petersburg, Standuply team.
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Great product! Just one thing: be careful with using materials from the Silicon Valley TV show. HBO got our video removed from YouTube because of that.
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@vinch thanks, Vincent. What was your video about?
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@sprinter You can find it here:
It hasn't been banned from Vimeo yet. Jump to 1:45 to see SV content.
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@vinch got it. great video, btw.
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@sprinter @vinch Great product, Vincent! Equally great video! I love how you highlight every aspect of the feature, with attention to features like copy-pasting images, copying Dropbox links and as such. Kudos to the team behind the video!
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Nice stuff. I will definitely try to use it.
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@inyan thx, send us your feedback :)
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@artem_borodin oh yeah, for sure
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Looks great. Definitely going to try it out!
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@austin_block_rief thanks, we wait for your feedback :)
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It would be cool if the recorder could toggle between camera and screen recording. Or do a split.
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@elusivepeanut Yeah, great idea, we'll definitely think our of it!
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