Slack Venture Capital

Check out famous Venture Capital's portfolio on Slack!

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Slack integration to look up famous VC's portfolio. Built for startup enthusiasts! The list of VCs being supported is not yet complete, but you can also contribute to this project!
@sethwang10 Awesome that you open sourced the project! :) Thanks for helping the community!
@realsimonburns Thanks! And good to hear you like it, Simon!
Cool I think it would be even better if you could look up the investors in a given company, eg a command like: /vc investors in *company_name*
@ernopp Thank you Ernest! Will be working on that, it surely will be more interesting and helpful with that functionality.
Brilliant! Can't wait to see iterations on this product.
@whoismaxpelzner Thank you Max, hope you will like it😁
Update: now you can search the investors for a specific company or startup. Simply type: \vc [company + space + "i"], for example, /vc instagram i
Update: here is how you can add this integration to your Slack