Slack Stats

A weekly infographic report of your Slack stats

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A fun report that lets you find out what types of content are shared most frequently on your Slack channels and whom you talk to the most. Get very stats like which words are misspelled and which swear words are used more often, and which emojis get the most use.
This is great! Love the infographic style :)
Tried this out and immediately got an internal server error :(
@jescalan Hi Jeff, sorry to hear. Will try to replicate and let you know.
@jescalan Hi again Jeff. The issue should be fixed. When you get a chance please give it another go
@mattnavarra @jescalan Thanks Matt! That screenshot helped us locate the issue. It is now fixed!
@cnikitiadis @jescalan Thanks. I notice the share url feature for the report is not working though. It just pauses on "generating url" in the url field.