Slack Presence

For when you want to appear online... even when your not

This Presence Scheduler will keep you logged into slack even after you have logged out - and on top of that, it sets your presence to "active" to make it look like your at your computer working.

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This is an actual subscription? You have to be kidding me.
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@andreasduess There is a free version anyone can use - and due to high demand we created a subscription service for people that need to be logged in at all times - currently this results in the site generating over 400,000 https requests to slack each day to help keep users logged in and online.
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@andreasduess @wesleyhenshall You are not kidding? Somebody wants that much to lie about their presence? What is the difference from having just the app and it is logged in?
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@andreasduess @ipstas Yes I think there are a lot of remote workers using the app. a couple people tell me they make more money when appearing online all the time. --- I think you are asking whats difference bettween free vs paid? The free version prevents your status from changing to away, but does not keep you logged in if you log out or shut down your computer. The paid version does both and allows you to create schedules. Thanks for the question!
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@andreasduess @wesleyhenshall I am asking the diff with the slack app. I am logged in in there and appear to be online about 18hrs/day.
@andreasduess @ipstas the difference between my app and the slack app? my app makes you appear online even if you are logged out. hope that helps, if not please write me a more detailed question and i can answer! thanks
@wesleyhensall what features do you plan on adding to this soon?
@amrith Hello! I have had a couple requests to allow slack presence users to edit their teams. I will be building this in the next couple days. If there are any additional features you would like to see - please message me to let me know. Thanks for your question!
Why do you think it is needed in the first place? What problem are you trying to solve through this?
@harish_geek Hello - the problem solves is having people look like they are online when they are not. A couple people have mentioned they are freelancers and they get more jobs if they appear online all the time - since people in their group reach out to them more. Its great for remote workers that want to appear available.
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