Slack Poker Bot

A bot that turns Slack into a Texas Hold'em client

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Productivity now = 0
@lexkon agreed. this is dangerous
Pokerbot became unresponsive after about 30 minutes, and the command "Quit game" didn't work (it said "The game will end after this hand", but it was impossible to finish the hand). A "Reset" command would be very helpful in this case. Anyone faced the same issue?
@nspehler I'll look into that this weekend, thanks for the feedback!
@nspehler Last year, Bitcoin payments were introduced in some land-based casinos. Since the operators saw that this method works, they began to use such currency more often. Now experts assume that soon many online casinos will also introduce a new method of payment for gambling. Basically, for me personally, there is no inconvenience right now, but I don’t keep so much money in the cryptocurrency) And for someone that`s all they live)
This looks like a fun way to kill some time in Slack (after work hours have ended...maybe?). Here's a video of it in action:
@jmsuth that link doesn't seem to work :\ i'm intrigued!
Can't seem to work with Heroku. "There was an issue building your app. This can mean your app.json's project is not a valid Heroku application. Please ensure your app is deployable to Heroku and try again." -- Great idea, I'd use it for some team-building :)