Slack Notification for your App lets you integrate with Slack in 5 minutes.

🔑 Easy OAuth setup

📦 Out-of-the-box Connect Component

🔁 Simple API endpoint & Client to automate sharing

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Guillaume Montard
Co-founder & CEO of
First and foremost, thanks @picsoung for hunting us 🎉! We are thrilled to be here. My co-founder Cédric and I love to save time by making useful integrations. We deeply believe in not reinventing the wheel. A few months ago we noticed that a lot of our maker-friends spent hours integrating Slack Notifications into their products. It’s a true pain to setup OAuth, understand how the API works and which endpoints you’ll have to use, then build the Front and Back-End integrations with all the stakeholders involved. We couldn't 'bear' it anymore. On a sunny morning in Paris (we both are French 🥖) we decided to build a Slack Notification integration, and to give it to other makers! To free makers of manually integrating the Slack messaging API and have them spend the least time and energy possible on it. We called it Slack Notification for your App. Think of this Slack Notification for your App as an enabler: - It lets you easily setup OAuth with Slack and your product. - It gives you all the UI Component you need to create a smooth user experience. - It provides a simple to use API endpoint to automate things, for asynchronous stuff for example. Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible experience, we are looking forward to getting your feedback in the comment below! Happy Slack Integration! PS: Psssst! Did you like this integration? Do you have a suggestion for what our next integration should be? Let us know in the comments below.
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Nicolas Grenié
Developer Advocate, Typeform
For all of you that are building saas apps: you know how painful it could be to build each integration manually to please your customers... And on top of your feature requests list you may have Slack Notifications... But thanks to this new project from Bearer team, integrating slack into your application only takes 5 minutes. Using serverless technologies and web component mechanism you get to connect your app to Slack seamlessly. If you want to experience future of integrations, check this out ;)
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As a former product guy, it makes no sense when the dev team needs to reinvent the wheel or need to spend time on tech duties which aren't specific & don't provide business value. Such a Slack integration makes it as easy as rolling out Google Analytics on your website, so that product roadmap can be accelerated without consuming the precious resources of dev time within a sprint!


Integrating Slack notifications in your product without the need to manage low level tech integration... The world as it should be in 2018!


I personally wouldn't pay for this integration, but the platform offers much more than that!

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Louis CibotCo-founder & CTO @ Zenaton
"I personally wouldn't pay for this integration" Why mentions this in the Cons section, I believe it should be: Pros: Always free 😉 You're too haunted by the VC approach I suppose 😃
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Cédric Fabianski
Co-founder & CTO @ Bearer
I'm really thrilled to launch this today! This is the first step of months of hard work made by our amazing team. As a developer and geek myself, I've encountered this many times and every time I had to do the very same thing from scratch. I think this will save tons of time for my fellow developers struggling with this or being tasked to write a Slack integration.
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Nathaniel JohnProduct lover at
I think the product can help developers building solutions for the workplace create integrations that produce effective results.
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Radek MolendaPassionate programmer

Works as expected, very easy to use on my own page


Very easy integraion



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