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Hey @anonring and @hkaankara this looks fun but I wish extensions like this allowed teams to see how impactful each member's update was to the overall project's progress i.e. are they ahead of the schedule or not? If they are facing issues, how can the issue be resolved? I suppose a simple way to keep track would be a table that summarizes the meeting updates. Eitherways, it feels really impersonal to use a slackbot to do this instead of having the questions come from a team member/project leader.
Hello Shannon, Thank you for your reply. The aim of this project is to help project managers keep track of their employees with multiple methods. We believe that asking the right questions at the right time (currently, timing is in development) is only one of the multiple things that "Slack Manager" can achieve. We'll be glad if you can give specific examples to such case where we can understand your need clearly. We're always open to discussions from Github Issues. @sajclarke
@anonrig @sajclarke I may be thinking too limited but I see this as a productivity add-on, possibly inline with agile dev techniques, so it would be great if each member indicated if they completed critical tasks or not as well as if there was some feedback indicating whether or not resources need to be added or redirected to keep the project on-schedule. For instance, did Frank make progress with a critical task or did he work on non-essential tasks today? Depending on the answer, it should indicate if Frank is on schedule or if he needs to refocus. Just an example.
@sajclarke I really liked the idea. A Trello or/with Jira integration will be a great functionality!
We currently use for this task.
@lajlev Yes, we're using botkit framework as well.
@anonrig @lajlev currently.............1308 in ling for howdy :T
@lajlev Howdy users here as well :)
Consider for this. It lets you keep a To Do list, focus using Pomodor timer, then publish to Slack for standups --> and let people click into your to do list and see what you've finished today/yesterday as well as what you are working on RIGHT NOW. has it. Slack integration is built in.
@amol Hello Amol, Knote Up is not open-sourced. This is an open-source project.
@amol Hello Amol, It's really humiliating for you to make your own product's advertisement on a different product/project on the same market. Slack Manager is not a product, it is a project. An open-sourced one. And will be free forever.