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Slack so good, I'm almost quitting Facebook (:
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@leonpals And so sticky! I read that the average time users are active on Slack on weekdays is 2 hours and 15 minutes vs. 40 mins on Fb.
@leonpals What's Facebook?
@cpollo01 nice collection! Similar to (previously hunted). Btw have you checked with Slack that they are ok with you using their brand name? (see I created something similar but had to take it down. Slack Chats also rebranded to Chit Chats..
Thanks for the heads up @jonbstrong! I will look into the guidelines.
Slack addicts will love this one. I discovered a few new chat groups through this site-- made by @cpollo01
Hey @robjama, thanks for the hunt! Slack List is a project I made over the weekend to help people find Slack communities. I personally wanted to see what cool Slack groups I could join, and I wanted to find only the best of the best (and the most active). Feel free to message me if you want your group added to the list! What are your favourite Slack groups at the moment?
Why is Maker Hunt not on the list, guys? :)
@v4violetta =O Good call >_<
@v4violetta oops! Added it :)
Nice job @cpollo01 the design is great. I just submitted Domino ( a public Slack for freelancers.