Slack It

A bookmarklet to share links in Slack with one click

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Hi all. I made this using the new Add To Slack button integration. It's a really quick easy way to share whatever page you're currently reading into your favorite Slack channel(s). Sure, copy-paste works, but why do that when you can be even lazier?
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nice! how is this different from #clicky?
@davidlee I'm not familiar with #clicky ?
@jazzychad You don't know what you're missing! ;) #Clicky is built using Slacks Realtime API and lets you share your current page to any Slack channel. Just download it, log in, and all your team's channels, users, and groups are right there ready to share to! A great and simple idea though, I like it. I made the point with #Clicky that it lets you share your current page in 2 clicks, looks like you've got that beat!
Only going to be using this 3 or 4 dozen times a day, TYVM!
This is great! I'll be using this with my new startup ;-)
How did you get away with calling it Slack it? Slack shut me down for SlackMS and I had to change it to