Slack Hunts

Make Product Hunt upvotes automatically show up in Slack

Everybody tells you that to create a useful and popular website, you have to solve a problem. Unfortunately, I'm a pretty laid back person, and there was no problem in my life that irritated me enough to solve it with a website. So how would I come up with any good product ideas? Well, I was reading a Quora post about this topic, and an answer said that not only should you look for problems in your own life, you should look for problems in other people's lives. While it may seem like a simple answer, it made me rethink how I saw problems. I don't use Slack. I'm not on a team, I don't have a job. (I'm in school. Looking for a job. Haha.) But I saw a tweet from @preslavrachev that stated how he wanted a way to be able to see his Product Hunt upvotes in Slack. Now, I didn't have this problem, but I realized that I could improve a lot of people's lives by creating a website that automatically posted these upvotes to Slack. And thus Slack Hunts was born! Let me know what you think :)
@gaberoeloffs Thanks for the integration, I use it since your announcement yesterday on twitter, and it's perfect :) As for "having idea of problems", maybe you don't use enough apps from other people? Problems often come by themselves after using many solutions :)
@gaberoeloffs It works well, and is the latest addition to my personal Slack knowledge hub. Thanks for the time and the effort you spent, working on this service! I am glad that my request served as an inspiration for you. Looking forward to seeing your next products ;)
@gaberoeloffs @oelmekki I can only second that! The more tools you use, the more new ideas start popping in your head. This is contrary to the common sense belief that the more tools we have, the less problems there are to get solved.
@oelmekki @preslavrachev Kind of reminds me of what the Buffalo founder said. He stated that there were many blogging platforms, but none of them solved his problem exactly the way he wanted it. So he built his own. :)
@gaberoeloffs don't quote me on this, but this tool might put Hunts at risk of getting 'Flagged by voting ring detection.' if other people on the Slack channel start voting for the same Hunt.
Awesome! Goes into my list of apps to track your hunts.
Beat me to this! 😜
@hellobrent Haha! Unfortunately, I don't think the winner gets free swag.
Would you guys like to see this product expanded to posts and their comments showing up in Slack?
The 10 minute refresh note is a cool touch. I'll up-vote it later when I'm sure it works 8-) Thank you, looks useful.