Slack Gitsin

A beautiful Slack command line interface

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When you have to use Chrome + vagrant/docker + slack + spotify + pycharm, your RAM doesn't enough for this situation. Now, we solved this problem :). Slack takes almost 560 mb in my memory, then I decided to make a new client that take less memory.
@yasin_toy would love to see sublime and vscode plugins for this command line tool, congrats on project, neat idea
@ikhahmedov @yasin_toy it better embedd it into Emacs!
@svetlyak40wt @ikhahmedov I haven't heard about it
@yasin_toy there are advantages vs using IRC?
@jsneedles is going to love this
If I was a developer I think I would think this is cool 🙂
Does not start on OSX. Fails with error: ``` Traceback (most recent call last): File "slackClient/", line 29, in from utils import TextUtils File "/Users/art/projects/Slack-Gitsin/slackClient/", line 13, in from completions import META_LOOKUP File "/Users/art/projects/Slack-Gitsin/slackClient/", line 13, in user_id = response["user_id"] KeyError: 'user_id' ```
@svetlyak40wt you should add your slack token into file
Looks good but can't join private channels ?
Also, the third part of the command, a quoted text, is not necessary always? What purpose does it serve?