Slack Connect

The future of business communication

Organizations can now work securely with up to 20 partners and vendors in channels, driving stronger relationships and faster results.
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Sorry Slack. This seems like a very lazy PH launch. Thanks for um.. letting us know?
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@bnchrch Once you go enterprise, you don't look back.
Hi Product Hunt, I'm part of the Slack team, and we're super excited to share a little more about what Slack Connect can do. Last month Slack announced Slack Connect, a Secure Communications Environment that brings the power of your Slack channels to everyone you work with outside the walls of your organization - your supply chain, corporate subsidiaries or industry peers. Slack Connect is a foundational set of technologies that enables: • The sharing of channels across many organizations (for now, up to 20) • Closed networks for direct messaging based on those channels, and, in the future, the ability to form DM connections independent of channels • A new surface area for enterprise software that crosses organizational boundaries: our workflow builder already works in shared channels and we imagine a (near!) future where those channels become the place that contracts are signed, invoices delivered, purchase orders accepted, service tickets entered, etc • Independent control over security and compliance functionality such as message retention policies, eDiscovery, DLP, legal holds, etc. • The verification of organizations to combat phishing and fraud, so you can ensure that communications are coming from the company • The creation of even more sophisticated structure for collaboration, such as shared workspaces and, potentially, even shared Grid instances This is new technology that relegates email to the fringes of business communication. For customers, we’re offering a massive step forward in the way they collaborate with their partners, suppliers, clients, the people in their ecosystem — extending all the enterprise-grade security benefits of Slack beyond the walls of their organization. If you’d like to learn more, please check out this blog post:
Spot on timing for this product. This would really help me keep some of my long email chains sorted.
Very smart move by Slack, impressive!
Good one !! mutil-channel slacking will be fantastic :)