Slack Birthday Bot

Slack bot for celebrating birthdays

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These kids made a slack bot that for birthdays! 🙌 Looking forward to see more slack integrations from them in the near future :)
Sweet. It would be nice to add this Slack's apps platform for easier integration, and thus wider adoption. Great idea guys. Keep these goods coming. 👌
@danflopes Thanks Daniel! We'll definitely take a look at Slack's apps!
Quick feedback... its been called 'Birhday Bot' on Slack not 'Birthday Bot' 🙈
@bentossell 🙊 Thanks for the feedback ! Just fixed it.
@bentossell fast typing :p
@pcaseiro96 @jbamaro how about adding our GIFs? for example:
@rotemthegolfer @jbamaro Thanks for the suggestion! We are actually big fans of gifs so that would be a neat addition to our bot!
@pcaseiro96 @jbamaro Cool. If you want to discuss it further you can contact me at