Slack Archive

Public, searchable & browseable archive of Slack channels

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Cool. Does this bypass Slack's 10,000 message archive limit?
Yeah, we'll archive all messages without a limit for free. You'll create a new bot, share the api token with us and invite the bot into the channels you'd like to archive.
@remco_verhoef Great idea for a service. Will you offer a paid tier for private groups or are you somehow restricted in doing so?
@pdame @remco_verhoef Thanks! We're looking for some ways to support private groups as well, but without competing with Slack.
@remco_verhoef This is neat, I've been thinking about whether I should eventually upgrade to avoid losing the archive. Are you coordinating with someone at Slack? Just asking, since the name and logo conflicts with Slack's brand guidelines (, I happen to know them since they're a sponsor on Creddon) and you probably want to be on good terms with them.
@mrolovsson Thanks! We have had contact before with Slack, explicitly declaring that we are not associated with Slack as well. Instead of competing with, our service is offering an extension of the Slack services. Good terms with Slack are absolutely important.
Awesome to see SlackArchive on PH. A lot of teams are using Slack as a public collaboration tool. SlackArchive enables these teams to make the archives public browsable.
This is awesome! I run a community on Slack's free plan so this is very helpful! I gave it a go immediately. However, it seems that I can only add the bot to one channel ( How can I add it to all channels? Sorry if I'm missing something 😅
@alfred_lua Thanks! If you click on the arrow right to the channel, you can "Invite other to this channel". There you can add ArchiveBot. This should work, let me know if you've got any issues.
@remco_verhoef It worked! Thanks for your help, Remco! :)