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Why is this on Product Hunt? Confused as to the criteria for what gets on here. The company is 13 y/o - this site version is at least a year.
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@joelblackmore good question. Was wondering the same.
Thanks for the post and comments. I work for Skyscanner, and I’m glad that many of you find our products useful. I wanted to jump in and answer some specific questions in the trail. As a couple of people have said, you can search ‘everywhere’ if you want to check out destination options within your budget, or use the month or year view if you’re flexible on dates. As a travel search engine, we don’t set flight prices ourselves but rather show them on behalf of providers (airlines and travel agents). We are completely unbiased in our results, and show flights impartially based on the best options for price, route and duration. We would never hide the best price – we rely heavily on repeat visits, and doing so would not be conducive to that model. For the same reason, price accuracy is something that we are putting increasing resource into monitoring, both in terms of staff and technology and our performance in that area has improved dramatically in the last year or so. We insist that provider prices on Skyscanner always include any mandatory fees, and we always include any card fees that are incurred when using the majority card type that’s in circulation in each specific market. We are also working on ways of surfacing fees at the search stage, depending on which card you wish to pay with. Since we don’t control the pricing directly, occasionally there can be isolated cases where an incorrect price can show. When find these (or when we’re alerted to them) we work hard to remove/correct them as soon as possible. We always investigate any issues, and can be contacted via our Help pages here: I hope that helps, and please do give us a shout via the Help pages - we’d be more than happy to answer any specific questions.
I've used this site several times. Last summer, I used it to get a flight from Madrid to Cancun (one way) for $79. If you have the settings where you keep the date open and only choose countries, you can sometimes find really amazing deals. You just need to have a really flexible schedule.
I like Skyscanner and they have a nice UX team. I've purchased at least 10 flights through the, but really they're just as boring an aggregator as Kayak. The only real company that is "different" in that space is Hipmunk and I've just never seen an inexpensive flight on Hipmunk. I usually check Hipmunk, then navigate away to find the cheaper price for the same flight :-/ This space is ripe for an overhaul!
@UXAndrew my experience is exactly the same with occasional scanning of google flights
If only the user experience could be more like Adioso... sometimes you just want to browse flights in the future, with no specific date selection
@acondurache Thank you for Adioso tip! Just what I was looking for!
@acondurache Seconded... surprised I haven't heard of Adioso before!