Emergency building escape harness

#2 Product of the DayOctober 02, 2016
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On paper it looks brilliant but some actual user case videos online would be awesome.
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Brilliant product, I used to have nightmares when I was a kid that wouldn't be able to escape my family apartment on a 7th floor if there was a fire. However marketing and graphic design are terrible! The video and the fonts took me back to the 1990's internet.
@alexabian I may have (just a little bit) presumed you're with the product bashing band on here ...sorry;)..then I opened their website...Its a brilliant product tbh but that website needs help and the pricing is a bit steep as mentioned by @juhslk
@anesu_fitzgerald_muzenda @juhslk Oh no, I wasn't joking about the nightmares :) ! I think it has great potential, and I'd love to try one out. They just need to hire the right PHunter for the task, there is plenty of talent around here!
@alexabian @juhslk with the marketing savvy savages here, that's at the risk of the zipline locking up and a banner popping out with "go Pro now to go down the last 10 stories!"..?
@anesu_fitzgerald_muzenda @alexabian This is so refreshingly unique product that some level of POV video to escape a burning room 10 stories high would serve as an excellent hero image. (Google cardboard/VR view option to the bottom right corner).
Would definitely get the demo of the guy going down a building in your video to know how it actually works! With the money that must have been invested into this product, it deserves a bit more spent on the website... Great product tho!
Wasn't this on shark tank like, 3 years ago? Poorly made chinese-esque looking product CG always gives me shivers... dunno why. Maybe I've been conditioned by too many defunct Kickstarters.
Brilliant invention that could save many, many lives.