Action-packed parkour racing game

The newest addition on, Skyrunners is is an action-packed parkour racing game featuring frenetic single-screen multiplayer action.

Race across the rooftops of the future in a bid to be the last person standing. Gather power ups to speed yourself up or knock your opponents down. Multi-layered race courses offer multiple routes with hidden bonuses.

Including a single player mode with international leaderboards and a ghost mode that lets you race your friend's best times.

About AirConsole: AirConsole is a web-based video game console. Your smartphones are the gamepads. We offer 110+ local multiplayer games, you can try for free right now on computer browser.

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Hi PH! We have just launched a new original game on AirConsole, and I thought about sharing you all. Skyrunners is a fast-paced parkour racing game. On AirConsole games you play games using your smartphones as controllers. We try to make our games as accessible as possible to everybody. You can play Skyrunners with up to 4 players. It's great to play versus coworkers, and you can play at the office right now. 😎 Happy Friday! EDIT: I forgot to mention, Skyrunners got more than 12.000 upvotes on Reddit in the past 24 hours.
Looks very nice and interesting. Makes me want to use AirConsole. Gonna give it a shot :)
I'm a big fan of air console. Keep up the good work πŸ‘