Global hotspot that keeps you connected while traveling

Have used Skyroam on trips and it works great! it’s so much easier to use than other solutions since it automatically switches carriers for the country you’re in and wipes out all the roaming fees so you can keep your costs low.
This is awesome.
@blake Thanks Blake :) We're thrilled to be here.
The key question I had was "What speed" and "How much data is unlimited" - FAQ answered it for me: the first 350MB goes up to HSPA+ (a speed between 3G/4G) speed depending on the country you're traveling to; after the 350MB the speed drops down to 2G. Phone only thats probably doable - but tethering my macbook and trying to get a days work done probably not yet. Great idea though and will definitely give the telco's a run for their money with roaming charges.
@imrat Thanks for the feedback Tijn. Glad you see the value. Our goal is to deliver to our travelers the same connectivity experience on the road that they have at home. Still some work to do!
@ehplam good luck with that - 1gb a day is probably more akin to what I would need to have a somewhat productive day (without streaming)
Hello there Product Hunt'ers: If you travel a lot, you probably know the pains of international roaming. The roaming fee charges per MB, spotty hotel wifi, hunting for a new hotspot or SIM card in each country you visit. The list goes on. It's ridiculously annoying to keep online when traveling... But we don't think it should be. Skyroam was created to make it easy and save you a ton of money on roaming. To make this happen we developed a Global WiFi Hotspot with a virtual SIM technology that figures out where you are and gives you a local data connection. And because we know how crazy and sporadic travel schedules can get, we set up Skyroam Hotspot as "pay-as-you-go". You use and pay for WiFi daypasses only when you need them. So... that's it. We hope you like what we developed and are thrilled to be here! Got any questions? Ask away! - Cyndie :)
@cyndizzle Holy smokes! This is amazing! The point you're making about simplicity and just being online everywhere (within the 60 countries) instantly is great and I can see that working, only who travels that much and often that way? How many people do you serve? Better to focus on different or broader group? I consider myself a slow traveler, so not hopping around so much, just staying a month per country for example. I was sure there was 'a catch' to this brilliant product. I find $10 for a day pass is still quite steep, also when you consider the device costing $124. My questions: - why a device and not a 'universal sim card' that works for example with an Android phone and app. Relatively lots of money when you look at local roaming costs, I mean it's not $10 a day, I estimate from experience about in between $1 - #3 a day. - Why no week or month passes? I'm sure they will be bought if cheaper. I get for example for 299 Thai baht ($8.20) a month pass for 2gb in Thailand. I put it in my Android phone and it works as a router for my iPhone and Macbook. And I can buy it anywhere, just right on the airport. - Have you considered more social options or ways for growth like Karma does with it's giving back mechanism? Great work, I can see myself buying one, or can you sponsor one? ;) I'm happy to test and blog about it hahahaa
10$ per day?
@ourielohayon Yes! This is a very competitive rate for international data (goes as low as $8 per day) and will save you money on roaming fees. Let us know if you have any more questions...
@cyndizzle @ourielohayon buying a prepaid card for a months in fr or in the usa or in the uk or even in asia for a full months usually cost less than 50 USD
Hey @ourielohayon: Great to get your feedback! No doubt the most smart, tech-savvy people can find cheaper options in each country. We try to balance price and convenience so we give you an on-demand option requiring no legwork.
@cyndizzle @ourielohayon sure. but imo 10$ is way over priced...those above are an indication of how much over priced you are
@ourielohayon Yes, but what if I'm going for few days, need internet right away, don't have time to search and even more, don't ever want to deal with customer service, refills, etc. @cyndizzle is right, it's a fair price for convenience. But in only case, if connection is always up and the speed is good.