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Create stunning online Resumes that skyrocket the chances for your next job. It’s free, and no login reqired.
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Congrats on the launch, absolutely love the UI! Any roadmap to include analytics for users?
@lachlankirkwood Thanks Lachlan! When you log in, you get a dashboard with your Resumes, where you can see how many views they have. I didn't plan on making any more detailed analytics, but if people would like to see that, i will definitely set that on my list! What kind of analytics would you be interested in?
Hey ProductHunt Community! I want everybody to be able to present themselves to a company in a nice and confident way, without needing to have outstanding Marketing, Design or Tech skills. This tool is completely free, requires no login and lets you create as many Resumes as you want, because I want to make it as accessible as possible, hoping that it helps some people with landing their dream job. I would be happy to hear about your feedback!
Great product, congrats! Would be great if you add Github as external links
@lucas_p Great idea, Lucas! I will set that on my list
I like the feel of this. Great design. Question? Can the employer click on my social links or must they copy and paste?
@jeremy_poland1 Hey Jeremy, good point! At first I made them clickable, but I always have the problem that my Adblocker blocks all social links and images. I still dont know how to fix it. So i made them as plain text, to make sure they are always shown, no matter what.
@jeremy_poland1 @simon_r ugh yes, I noticed that issue too! I can barely browse the web without an ad blocker, but the “social blocking” host lists block every single element that links to a social website! I mean, shouldn’t they block only the widgets and tracking code? 😭
This is great! Love the concept. I run recruitment for a global tech company, and I’m frequently telling people that reach out to use a 1 page CV/resume and customize it per role and company.
@elijahelkins Thanks Elijah, it means a lot to hear that from someone who actually handles recruitment! I also think that customising the resume specifically for the company makes a huge impact, thats what I wanted to focus on with this tool.