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Microsoft's Google Hangout competitor. Surprised Skype didn't launch this years ago, tbh.
We're big fans of Zoom.us at PH.
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@rrhoover apparently launched only in the USA for now
@rrhoover looks pretty good... will def give it a shot - any word on Slack + Screenhero rollout?
@rrhoover: I have to make a tiny comment on the video: Being interrupted mid run is awesome... it's what everyone wishes these days :D They should have thought of something different if they wanted to have an excuse to show the mobile app on the go. This would make me hate it more than love it
@ourielohayon @rrhoover And again a product that you can't use in Europe... 😓
@rrhoover out of curiosity, what do you like about zoom.us? Edit: if slack is listed as a customer, there must be something 🔥 about it
I'm no videoconferencing expert, but Isn't this what Skype already did? Is it just free now? Or is it just called "Meetings" now? Oh! A new invite link system! I take it all back! Groundbreaking!
@davidryalpug I don't recall Skype ever supporting 250 users in a single call.
@mrkwse @davidryalpug The difference is that Skype for Business no longer requires an Office 365 subscription.
I could be missing something, but it seems the only addition to the this "new product" is "Personalized URL to join from any device." Or is it that it is essentially "Skype for the web"? What am I missing?
I'm in New Zealand, and I'm getting 'This service isn't available in your region yet - but we're working on it.' This is just silly. Skype is not a bootstrapping startup.
Not available in my region yet (Canada). I hope that changes soon.