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A chat app named Skynet. The irony. This does look slick though, especially with the Spotify/Soundcloud integration and easy file sharing.
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@rrhoover the guys have worked on it for awhile. Content sharing is in their DNA.
@rrhoover Thanks for the thoughts! ;) @normanliang Thanks for the compliments Norm! I'm Josh, one of the people building Skynet (Loves You). Skynet is built on some ideas we've been exploring for a while, but most recently iterating on with what you can see at We're really interested in any feedback the Product Hunt community would have for us, and we're all happy to read + follow up on any feedback/questions/suggestions etc posted here! If you think it'd be useful, give Skynet a try, let us know what you think, and help the Skynet team build a better future (product) ;)
@rrhoover SMS - The original human killing messaging app. Ending the lives of drivers and breaking hearts since 1992. (
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@rrhoover Hi Product Hunt, this is Alex from Skynet. Been getting great feedback from Product Hunters all day via direct messages that haven't made it back here... Top requests you might not have seen: - Ability to use Hangouts with Google Apps - More integrations with other messengers (e.g. Slack, iMessage, FB messenger) We hear you! Keep the feedback coming ... help us make Skynet better in the future :)
I was excited to see the Hangouts integration but disappointed to see that I cannot use it to send text messages through Google Voice in Hangouts. Is that planned?
@ssnacks You're correct that it's not currently supported. We've thought a lot about how to bring the ability to SMS (for everyone, not just Google Voice users!) directly into the conversation and are really excited about it. Can you share more about what you're hoping for?
@ajbouh I want to replace the Hangouts extension in Chrome. It is buggy and often has to be restarted. I use that to mostly communicate with people via SMS through Google Voice.
@ssnacks Got it. Unfortunately we aren't aware of any public/third-party-accessible APIs that allow that sort of sending. I believe this is partially due to the amount of churn in Google's own product offering. To others: if anyone knows of third party apps that have pulled this off recently, we'd love to learn about them! We'll definitely keep you posted about progress we make on this front.
Looks really cool! Being in the same space as HipChat, Zula, Slack and others, I see you have some integrations put together, but are there plans to a) open up an API and b) have some sort of push-notification option for mobile? I'm on a PC these days, so I'll have to wait for a proper Windows version to come out (or until I get back to Mac). Looking forward to really checking this out.... before it becomes self-aware.
@avizuber Thanks for the feedback! a) Yes to plans for an API! Are there any integrations that would specifically move the needle for you? b) Consider your interest an upvote for that on our side. Mobile is a big part of who we are. We think that kind of thing would be cool too. c) Did you try the windows version we have now?
@avizuber Skynet is designed for seamlessly moving (small, purpose-built) apps directly between people. Much of our plan to open up an API/SDK for Skynet is about helping others build awesome experiences that integrate and embed in the conversation itself. We're especially interested in embedding experiences that make developers (and makers) more productive!
@avizuber We've got a brief intro to the SDK posted over at: Everyone from PH that signs up today on that page will get *priority* access to the SDK!
@makanikai No specific API needs right now, but I love the idea of using things that are part of the Zapier eco-system. I didn't get a chance to try your current version, but would be more than happy to check it out and send you feedback. You got my upvote today either way. I'll have more time next week. :)
@makanikai @avizuber Fantastic. Looking forward to your feedback.
Comments.. (using Mac Skynet Edge) * Hangouts integration "pins" my entire contact list, and there's no way to bulk "unpin" them. * Is there a shortcut for shuffling through pinned conversations? Or a hotkey for talking to someone other than cmd+; ? * In the absence of a way to quickly talk to someone "pinned", are you considering tabbed/multi-chat support? * Whatever Skynet's keyboard shortcuts are other than the cmd+#[1-6] in a chat window, I am not sure what they are and cannot find them * Multiple Hangouts account support * Sharing features require Skynet? I'd almost rather that these features be grayed out on a Hangouts conversation than try to use them and advertise the product * Is it feasible/possible for Hangouts integration to request auth rather than (scarily) asking for my Google password? Or does Google's more recent lockdowns of historically "open" products prevent this?
@microwavedboy Re: Hangouts integration asking for auth Google Hangouts does support OAuth2 but Skynet is not configured to use it at this time. For the time being we recommend people use an app-specific password. Arnold-Bot should help you find the proper page in your Google account settings to make one. Please reach out if you're experiencing issues with this! Technically there's an option buried in your Google account settings that specifies whether or not third party apps can use your main password or must use an app-specific password. That said, we strongly recommend people *not* do that and instead create and use app-specific passwords.
@microwavedboy Re: Multiple Hangouts account support - noted. How many different accounts would you want to register on a single computer?
@ajbouh 2 is a minimum -- work and personal. More is extra credit.
Love the fast 1:1 video integration using gotomeeting. Why did you decide to use gotomeeting?
@kaz We wanted to experiment with actions that integrate with existing web services that people were already using (not just p2p stuff like file sharing & screenshots). We were big fans of their previous incarnation ( ... it was the only Web RTC-based video chat that "just worked" for a long time. Once they relaunched it under the gotomeeting brand, and it seemed like something that they'd continue to support, we couldn't resist.
@kaz this is so much better than hangouts video. it actually works consistently! So easy to add people.