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Tayler@tayler2412 · Builder, Designer,
FYI, Your website is designed beautifully! I think you nailed your presentation
Marc HedlundMaker@marcprecipice · CEO, Skyliner
@tayler2412 Thanks so much! The design was done by @krystynheide. We're fans. :)
B Byrne@brennenbyrne · CEO, Instant2FA; Prev Clef
This looks awesome, will definitely be trying it the next time I have a new project to launch!
Benjamin Kowalski@benjamiski · Developer
Congratulations to be on ProductHunt! :) I've looked at Skyliners landing page and I have no clue what the tool is doing. It sound's great to launch fast and with a nice interface but how does the interface look like and what are the features? I think, the landing page could be improved a little bit.
Marc HedlundMaker@marcprecipice · CEO, Skyliner
@benjamiski Hey, thanks for taking a look and for the great feedback! We've heard that about the home page before, and will work to make what we do more obvious. The main message that I wanted to get across was that choosing Skyliner as a launch platform is easy up front and winds up making your web app development easier for a long time after ("for your first day and your best day"). But I completely agree we should get a lot more specific about what that means. Until we do, here are some links that might help... Our intro help page provides a lot of what you're asking for above: If you want to read about the product background and purpose: If you're familiar with AWS, our architecture page explains what we do in a lot of detail: If you want to know why we made the architecture choices we did: Hope that helps and thanks again!
Ryan Williams@ryanwi · Software Developer
Hi Marc, long live Wesabe! Look forward to checking it out. How does Skyliner handle data intensive, say hundreds of millions of records? This is where Heroku would be astronomical and even AWS is likely more expensive than running your own VPS's but curious how Skyliner would handle that? Does it suggest which AWS database product based on your app?
Marc HedlundMaker@marcprecipice · CEO, Skyliner
@ryanwi hey, Ryan! Thanks for the Wesabe cheer. :) We very strongly encourage people to use AWS's RDS products for application data, and AWS Redshift for data warehousing. I don't have a good sense of cost comparison for those versus Heroku or other approaches; it would make sense to me that an RDS setup that spanned availability zones, say, would trade better reliability for worse cost. If you have a ton of data and cost is the primary issue, maybe RDS isn't the right approach, but I'd have to know more about the application to make a recommendation. Hope that helps!
Marc HedlundMaker@marcprecipice · CEO, Skyliner
Hey, I'm Marc Hedlund, co-founder and CEO of Skyliner. I'm happy to answer any questions about the product or its development. My co-founder Dan McKinley is here, too. Thanks!
Chris Morrell@inxilpro · CEO, InterNACHI
@marcprecipice Your site is pretty lean on actual information about what the product does. There are no screen shots, no feature overviews, no videos, etc. The closest I was able to get to an explanation of features was the tiny pricing link at the bottom of the home page, but you have to interpret the headings because there are no descriptions. Because I love your art direction so much, I went ahead and signed up for an account, hoping that would give me more insight. But I was prompted for my AWS credentials immediately after signing up, without much explanation of why or an indication of what would be done with them. I know you're just launching, but I really think you need to address these issues before marketing much further…
Marc HedlundMaker@marcprecipice · CEO, Skyliner
@inxilpro Thanks much for saying, Chris, and for giving it a try despite your concerns. Your feedback is similar to @benjamiski's, above; maybe the answer I gave to him would be helpful until we make some changes to the home page: I really appreciate you saying and giving constructive criticism. Thanks again!
Chris Morrell@inxilpro · CEO, InterNACHI
@marcprecipice Your help section's introduction is very good. IMHO, that content should be copied directly to the bottom of the homepage until you have a better overview in place. There are opportunities to explain this type of infrastructure with some illustrations, and I think there should be a video showing the process of launching w/ Skyliner, but until those are in place, the help text would go a long way. I also think it'd be very useful to explain what kinds of applications Skyliner is tuned for. Maybe a link to would help.
Marc HedlundMaker@marcprecipice · CEO, Skyliner
@inxilpro that's great advice. Looking into that now. Thanks again for taking the time to point this out and give directed suggestions.