Your private, independent, personal cloud.

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Being in charge of my personal data & photos is important to me. You can laugh at my tin foil hat, but centralized services like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Dropbox & Facebook have no real incentive to take care of my information. If I have issues and leave their services, I'm one person out of millions. With Skylark, I'll be in control. I'm very excited and signed up. I backed Cook's arkOS for the same reason. Hosting my own data from my home was super easy thanks to Cook. However another big centralized service, my internet service provider, can make the experience inconsistent. I look forward to Skylark and encourage others to try it or arkOS.
Hi Product Hunt! 👋 Today I'm happy to present Skylark. Skylark is a service we're working on to provide a private personal cloud without the hassle of running your own hardware or using a multitude of services to get the same result. With Skylark, "your digital nest" is an isolated VM that hosts your calendars, contacts, email accounts, websites and much more, all at an affordable price and under respectful conditions for your privacy. Use our admin panel, with new features coming all the time, or your favourite third-party clients. Happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the service or the software stack! Try the demo here: Preorder now and get 25% off of four months: