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Skylap is focused on offering travelers the best deals when it comes to multi-destination tickets. Skylap helps you build the best trip to get the cheapest flights. You can also choose a theme (beach, culture, weather…) to discover Europe, the United States, etc. Our promise? To increase your budget by saving on tickets. Try Skylap and be amazed!

  • nbelatrache84

    Intuitive, fast... and most of all a brand new way to travel ! No hidden fees as the say , this is also uncommon for a travel site.


    Nothing actually. Any app coming?

    For flexible people, it may be a golden mine ! Fill your dates and your area and this site offers you a very nice experience at the best price. Can't wait to use it franckly

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  • Julien Le Coupanec
    Julien Le CoupanecBuilding cool stuff at Crisp

    The algorithms are getting better and better. The suggested destinations are also very attractive.


    The homepage can be improved.

    I really enjoyed using this product.

    Julien Le Coupanec has used this product for one week.
What is the basic difference from other travel sites?
@debarati_ghosh We make multi-city flights CHEAP
Looks awesome! Just curious where these prices come from, like where if I try to find these cheap tickets I ain’t finding these 😅. And how do we know we really get our tickets?
@ezraa Thanks for you comment. We're a registered pro travel agency in Paris with already many wonderful clients. Registration number : IM077170011. We hope to see you soon onboard!
Do you have plans about providing an API?
@uyasarkocal Yes, it's in our plans. We're already discussing it with several travel operators.
Nice! Can you allow me to pick a different destination city? So let's say I start my trip from Berlin, want to visit 4 places and then I don't want to go back to Berlin but rather to Vienna.
@anna_0x Yes, on the landing page, uncheck "Same return" and enter your destination city. Thank you for your support!
@erfane I tried that already but doesn't work.. It only mirrors the first input field so if I change the "destination" the starting city changes too ^^; perhaps a bug
@erfane can you please also add in Ryanairs (europe) baggage costs, as they are not the true costs of the flights!
@jamie_ross Hi, we plan to add baggage costs and rules for all airlines. Thanks for your comment.