Flat rate flying club - $199/month subscription, $35 flights

SkyHi is the first flat rate flying club that takes the pricing guesswork out of travel.

Pay 1 monthly subscription

Flights start at $35.

Fly 5 times in 1 month.

Get $35 in SkyHi credit using this link:

  • N T
    N TFulltime traveler & product guy.

    Cheap flights within the same continent


    Not that much cheaper than low-budget airlines (Ryanair, etc.)

    I'm a full-time traveler, so I was excited for this, but it's really only great for business travellers - and even there, mostly in the US.

    For instance, most of the European destinations you can fly normally for close to $35 with cheap budget airs like Ryanair - without having to pay the monthly $200. I guess it's a good way to lock in the price.

    Definitely useful in the US though, and worthwhile if you do a lot of business travel!

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  • Kristofer™
    Kristofer™#6 Product Hunter. E-Skateboard fanatic

    Reasonable pricing for the value you get


    You should have a life that either A) requires you to travel for work often or B) one heck of a lifestyle where you get to travel for fun

    FREE FLIGHT using this link:

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Rama Poola
Rama PoolaMaker@rama_poola · CEO, SkyHi
Hi! I’m Rama, CEO and co-founder of SkyHi. Grateful to have it on Product Hunt. We’re here to forever simplify the flight booking experience with always fixed pricing and a one click booking. We want to encourage more travel by making it easy and accessible to all, while helping airlines fill empty seats on planes. Here to answer any questions you have.
Kristofer™Hunter@kristofertm · #6 Product Hunter. E-Skateboard fanatic
@rama_poola This is an impressive model. How do you deal with pricing spikes and SkyHi's bottom line? The timing of flight booking at the cheapest rate seems like its a black hole that people have been trying to figure out for ages.
I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Use the code TOPS for a free ride <3
Kevin Reevers
Kevin Reevers@kreevers · Software Developer
I wonder what was the reason for making Facebook the only option for sign up with all that's going on...
Joseph Tibbertsma
Joseph TibbertsmaMaker@joseph_tibbertsma
@kreevers We'll be releasing a version with Google auth within the next week or two
Elena Zhizhimontova
Elena ZhizhimontovaPro@zelena · Co-Founder, TogethAR | Developer+Artist
I think this is genius! Never thought about flying being a subscription model - but I guess this makes a lot of sense! 👏
Kristofer™Hunter@kristofertm · #6 Product Hunter. E-Skateboard fanatic
This seems like it's going to be disruptive for the travel industry. Smells a little bit like MoviePass where I'm guessing they're going about this themselves and taking on the risk of the business model vs partnering with airlines for better rates. I can see companies joining this where employees frequently travel between offices or for meetings. The pricing seems almost TOO reasonable! For anyone interested they're offering Free $35 in credit by joining here.