Founder here! Hope you find SkyAV useful - its the first purely online AV with zero software to install on any device. We have big plans for it - hope you like it! Please post any questions - we will be around to answer :)
Frankly speaking, I can't even imagine what can new market players offer to be able to compete with longstanding companies. I mean, with all due respect, cyber security is a serious subject and it's better to choose between avast vs mcafee than to rely on newcomers.
I think, that it is pretty interesting project. I may suggest you to check this total av reviewto find out interesting information. For example very interesting fact is that ID Protection monitors the Web in order to find the mentions of your private information. It scans news articles, court records, social media and other different sites for the misuses of your personal data (name, physical and email addresses, mobile phone, credit card, passport, driver’s license numbers).