Sky Dancer

A Beautiful Runner/Skydiver Game for iOS & Android!

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I'm honestly so proud of this product after many months of works. Sky Dancer is looking for some testers to help improving the game before the global launching in January. If you love the game, please give me a hand! I really appreciate that! With <3
@elltee Looks great! I'd love to test it out if it's on iOS.
@irvingooi Sky Dancer will be released in iOS, Android & Window Phones too. May I have your TestFlight ID? I'm exciting to hear from you now.
@elltee Can you control the fall? Hey @irvingooi ! Could I test your app? My ID is Thanks!
@xwazzo @irvingooi @gmail Yes indeed, I'm looking for your feedbacks on it. The invitation should be sent right now.
@xwazzo @irvingooi Any feedbacks? I would say, you definitely need to try it! :)
This looks beautiful. Great job!
@beedelma Thanks! ;)