The bike lock that fights back!

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Great differentiator from other locks. Didn't know PH was a grammar forum
I think you have a misprint here: Technically, yes. Will it help them steal your bike? Probably not. The formula that we've developed is detectable through even some of the most robust gas masks (unfortunately, we learned this the hard way!). the detectable should be undetectable, right?
@rotemthegolfer We actually smelled it through the mask! The intention was to say that using a gas mask wouldn't be a pleasant experience, because although it didn't hit us as hard it was still detectable through the mask. Any suggestions on how to clarify this welcomed!
@danielidzkowski Well I thought that the formula is NOT detectable by gas masks so this way you could smell it and the gas mask wasn't effective. I just think that the word detectable is misleading here. Maybe change it to smellable... (
How about delivering the lock to those who backed the indiegogo campaign? I'll write more when I ever receive it.
@brian_j_kaufman That makes two of us who got jacked! $109.00