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Fantastic collection, but the UX feels unnecessarily complex.
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@blainehatab Thank you for your preciuos feedback, it's probably not easy to understand, but when you got it, it's easy to use (i might be wrong)
@corelogiciels It's absolutely beautiful UI and since there aren't too many categories, it isn't too bad. I would like to be able to see all the categories in one place though and able to easily cycle through them. When I just look at the initial pics in each category it isn't too bad, but when I click 'more' then it's a lot of clicks to be able to go to another category. Also some sort of search where I can just type 'school' or something like that would be nice because what I'm looking for may be more picture dependent than category dependent. Like school may be a place, a teachers picture, some books, etc that might fall into multiple categories. Not to compare what you've made, but in terms of UX pexels really does a great job. I almost feel like this initial design is a great 'explore' or 'featured' page and it just needs that simple and searchable page for more efficient usage. This is my super critical perspective though and from a design perspective, your site is amazing. And big thanks for the amazing pictures.
@blainehatab agreed. I fumbled a bit trying to navigate the categories.
A beautiful curation of free photos. I'd think these artsy pieces would be perfect for designers, even though I'll also use them for social media and blogging purposes.
@v4violetta I'm curious what sets this site apart? I've seen a lot of these photos before ;)
@scotty_webb As far as I can tell what sets it apart is the "artistically loud" aspect of it. I've seen some around, too, but not curated like this. :)
A really beautiful collection. Great Hunt Violeta. Love these.
@ems_hodge Right? Thanks, Emily.
These are amazing, hello new medium post pictures! Thanks @v4violetta!
You can : - copy - modify - distribute - use the photos even for commercial purposes very nice! :)