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Remote work advice just for you

Remote work advice just for you
Transitioning to a remote work environment can be challenging. The team at Skuap wants to help you out.
Take our personality test and get actionable insights and advice that work just for you.
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Hi Product Hunt community! We are excited to share with you a new tool from the Skuap team: 🙂 Why we built this 🚀: because lately there are many blog posts, essays, and recipes to be more productive while working remotely as a first-timer, but all of them based on the assumption that we all think and act in the same way. 🤪 We know that is not true, and we wanted to give a free and simple tool for everyone to get some real insights based on their personality 🧐. How it works 📚: ① Create your free account ② Complete a personality test ③ Get your insights for remote work Simple as that ✅. Any doubt? Feel free to connect with @maxigimenez, @ramsescabello or @fransalerno 💬