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Skribal is a free mobile app for readers everywhere. Skribal lets you find the books you're reading and make notes in a central, easily accessible place. Looking for that key quote from the last book you read? Can't find that inspirational epilogue that motivates the hell out of you? Not anymore. Access all of your reading highlights in one place

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Hi Guys. Thanks for visiting Skribal's profile. I created this app to fill a personal need. I'm a big fan of self-improvement books and an avid note taker. Even if the product doesn't take off I have somewhere I can store all of my book notes and can pass down to my daughters (somewhat of a personal Blinkist) If you have any questions on how I use the app I'd be happy to share with you. Please download the app and have a play about. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Love & Light Dan
Also, all notes are stored in the cloud, so make as many notes as possible without using up your phones storage,