Keep track of the countries you’ve been 🗺️

Skratch automatically keeps track of all the places you’ve visited in the world and creates a personalized video map of your travel memories. Put Skratch in your pocket as the essential tool for your travels!
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Love the idea of visualizing everywhere I've visited. I've seen this done in other ways e.g. a map covered in foil where you can scratch to reveal travel destinations. Like this digital version, too.
@abadesi Great to hear! Yes the idea here is to digitalise that classic scratch map experience where you'd use a coin/pencil to rub off countries 🙌
@ryan_gruss Nice! I get the name now 😄
Hey Product Hunters 👋 We’re so excited to share the first version of Skratch with you! And a big thanks to @razkarmi for supporting us. The idea behind Skratch is simple - we are building the most simple, beautiful and personal travel companion app out there. This version allows you to track where you've been, plan your bucket list and relive your travel memories. We’ve made is easy to do this with features that help you automatically build your Skratch map and collect your travel videos into reels to watch again. From here, we’re planning to make Skratch useful before, during and after your travels. Some upcoming features include seeing your friends’ Skratch maps, practical travel advice by country, photo support, curated highlights of your memories, and lots of enhancements to the map experience. Looking forward to hearing your comments down below, and if you’d like to reach out just drop me a message to and I’d love to speak. Happy exploring! 🗺️ Ryan (p.s. if you'd leave us an app store review, that would make our day)
Very nice. I love the design and overall aesthetic. I'm always a bit wary though of granting access to my location and camera roll as a requirement to use the app, it would be nice if I didn't have to sign up and grant those permissions before using it. Still, I love the simplicity and style 👍
@magnet1cfields Thanks for the feedback! We’re definitely thinking of ways to optimise the onboarding, right now we just ask for location to make the Skratch map creation faster💥 Great to hear you dig the concept!
What a great idea 😍 Check the link to the app store because it's not working 🤘🏻
@edoardorainoldi Fixed! Thanks for flagging and awesome to hear you like it 🙏🏼
No Android app?
@federicojorge Not at the moment, but we're planning to build it very soon! 😶