Invest spare change in diversified crypto portfolios

Most people do not have the extra time, money or experience to invest. The solution for most of us is Micro Investing. Skraps allows you to invest only what you can afford.

With Skraps, you can invest your fiat and cryptocurrency change into diversified cryptocurrency portfolios.

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Skraps is a project that will give great solutions to cryptography enthusiasts. It is a great ICO that is working hard to make its project a success. It is also coming to the acceptance, support and recognition of a large community.


Skraps is reaching acceptance, support and recognition of a great community.


Still more information about the project is needed to reach more public.

The Skraps Platform offers these unique features among others: Cryptocurrency Variety Invest your spare change in ALL cryptocurrencies, including Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Copy Portfolios Copy high performing portfolios from community members. You can earn commission from anyone who copies your portfolio as well. Education Portal The platform will include videos and guides for all things crypto in order to help even the most novice users.
This is what John McAfee (@officialmcafee) wrote about Skraps: "The SKRAPS ICO is unique ( ). A crypto/fiat debit card provider and an exchange that provides a micro investing platform by allocating spare change from your card purchases. Your Skraps account can mirrors high performing portfolios of your choosing." >

What can be better than saving up without realizing it and then having your savings grow in Crpto portfolios. Win-Wion!


Great way to save!


Can't think of any.