Skoove for iPad

The most effective and complete way to learn piano

Hey, Everyone! I am Flo maker/co-founder of Skoove. Big thanks to @amberreyn for hunting us! Skoove is a piano-learning platform now available to download for free on iPad. Skoove brings you the most effective and complete way learning the piano. We designed it for beginners/advanced learners. You learn technique, music theory as well as composition and improvisation! Unlike many other learning apps, Skoove’s virtual guide adapts to your needs while providing real-time feedback. It works with every keyboard or piano just via the microphone of your device. So, ask us anything @SaschaTurowski (our head of dev) and I would love to hear what you think!
Can't wait to try it out @florianplenge what makes Skoove different to Simply Piano or Yousician?
@tom_pryor Hey, Tom. This depends on your learning objectives and taste. We focus on bringing you the most effective and complete way to learn the piano. We help you to improve your skills so you can get creative on your own. We are embedding technique and music theory right within the lessons. You learn to train your ear, composition as well as improvisation. Our approach combines professional musical training with leading breakthroughs in technology. Just give it a try and see if our method is appealing to you!
I just tried this app and I learned more about music in 30 minutes than I leaned in my entire school career. I love the microphone integration and the playful building of muscle memory. Also, now I know the difference between white and black notes. Very, very cool. I've been wanting to explore ways to finally learn an instrument for some time and I will definitely give this a shot.