Babbel for learning the piano

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Ben TossellPro@bentossell · newCo
How does this compare with something like Simply Piano?
Florian PlengeMakerHiring@florianplenge · CEO @ Skoove
@bentossell excellent question! Simply Piano is also a great piano teaching app. I’d say the key differences are that Skoove shows you exactly how to play with video, making it really easy to learn and teach the correct technique. We teach you how to read scores as well, but that's not required to learn piano with us. Skoove also runs in all the main web browsers, not just on iOS devices, so we’re able to reach a much wider audience. And lastly, our app offers a wider repertoire of popular songs to learn.
Simone Lucidi@simonelucidi87 · Web developer and Guitarist
@bentossell It seems really similar to FlowKey Maybe you can add it on "Similar products"
Florian PlengeMakerHiring@florianplenge · CEO @ Skoove
@simonelucidi87 @bentossell Excellent point. I think the difference is that Skoove is designed to teach you piano from scratch, including fundamental skills like how to read scores, music theory, and proper technique. And we teach all of this with a cool, curated selection of popular tracks. With flowkey, pianists can teach themselves how to play a nice selection of popular songs, but you already need to have some piano playing skills, and there are no music theory or score reading exercises. With Skoove's app, our goal is to help you become a complete musician.
Florian PlengeMakerHiring@florianplenge · CEO @ Skoove
Hey everyone, maker/co-founder here. Big thanks to @amberreyn for hunting us! With Skoove, our mission is simple: to help everyone have fun learning piano from anywhere and at their own pace! We designed it for beginners/”refreshers” to make it the easiest way to learn piano and to stay motivated. You just need a keyboard or e-piano to get going, and you can learn your first tune in minutes. We’re using Chrome’s native Web MIDI API to power our web app so that we can give instant feedback on your piano playing. So, budding Mozarts, @SaschaTurowski (our head of dev) and I would love to hear what you think! PS Product Hunters get an exclusive deal on our Premium subscription, so you can start playing today ;-)!
Matt@matt_sven · Web & Software Developer.
@florianplenge This really seems like the kind of product that would benefit from an introductory video, but I don't see one. Did I miss it? Also, I wish there was more to tell me how the product works. Do I play using the laptop/desktop keyboard (O_O)? If not, do I have to have an electronic keyboard? Can I use my existing keyboard? This looks pretty cool and I'm going to check it out, but I also think there should be more info on how it works before your prompt for signup :)
Florian PlengeMakerHiring@florianplenge · CEO @ Skoove
@matt_sven Skoove currently supports electronic keyboards or e-pianos that connect via USB/MIDI into your computer. We’ll be introducing support for acoustic pianos soon too. We’re currently working on a video to explain how our app works and, coming soon, you'll be able to try the app with your PC keyboard. Really appreciate all your constructive feedback and of course, please keep us posted about your progress with the app ;-).
Max Ibel@mibel86 · Co-founder at tripdelta
Great product. I've been using it for a while now and it really keeps me practicing and motivated...
Florian PlengeMakerHiring@florianplenge · CEO @ Skoove
@mibel86 thanks, Max - really glad to hear it's been effective for you!
Nikolas Langes@nlanges · Co-Founder at tripcombi
Good stuff. Could have saved me a lot time , money and arguments with my piano teacher ;)
Florian PlengeMakerHiring@florianplenge · CEO @ Skoove
@nlanges excellent to hear! And we'll look into adding "arguing" functionality for a more authentic experience ;-).
Bala S.@leanux_bala · Find Traction For Your Startup.
My son's going to love this.
Florian PlengeMakerHiring@florianplenge · CEO @ Skoove
@leanux_bala Cheers! Let us know if we can help in any way. And, we apologize in advance if he can't stop humming along to the James Bond theme ;-).