Instagram analytics, scheduling and image re-posting

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Considering Instagram doesn't offer a public API how does the posting features actually work? is it similar to Hootsuite where you have to publish it yourself or similar to Buffergram posting through the authorized application?
Can't create an account. Graphics look great, seems promising, but functionally it's not working properly.
Same. Filled out entire form, connected my IG account, but submit button doesn't work. But it looks promising!
I'm wondering if this is one of those products that releases before functionality is working whatsoever, in order to gauge interest...
Hey now @melissamonteee, you've shipped in-progress products before, you know how it goes 😉 But for reals this kind of stuff does happen, in almost all cases to the detriment of the long-term love for the product... It makes sense if the context is right, like a collection I thought about making called "hack hunt," but only if everyone knows it's a WIP. Too bad...
@playswithfood For sure. I was trying out Tweet Pilot, and although there were a bunch of errors, the makers kept beta testers updated, letting them know they were working on it. Which definitely increases peoples patience. Tim Ferris actually recommends this method, although I'm not sure if I heard this from him via podcast or book or general stalking. But implementation should be honest. An example that I just came across yesterday is for the Timyo email app. The process asks to connect your email, giving options for Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. I selected Gmail, it asks for my email and the next screen states its invite only... here it just felt like a clever way to collect emails, without the frustration of investing in an app only to realize after hours of tinkering that it's not quite there yet...
Product looks great! Having some issues with functionality and logging into account. Hope you guys are able to fix soon!
Having trouble creating an account on step 3. Any idea on how to bypass?