A cool twist on buying plane tickets

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United and Orbitz have filed a lawsuit against them. Will be interesting to see how that turns out
@anujadhiya i just saw that Orbitz dropped theirs
Interesting. At first glance, the search results I got were very agony-full, but looks great for price-sensitive customers. I'm also an investor in as well as stockholder in hipmunk from my time launching + running marketing/brand, so I'm really just excited to see *any* innovation in travel search. Kudos to the skiplagged team, but I'm still a devoted hipmunk myself :)
The UI is very similar to Hipmunk (my go-to for booking travel). cc @alexisohanian I noticed they link to Kayak and Hipmunk, deep-linking to the results for for the same search query (e.g. SFO to PDX on 5/1). Clever. Reminds me of how Amazon promotes 3rd party merchandise with their marketplace and on-site advertising to encourage users to turn to their site first to make a purchase.
@rrhoover Appropriate you should tag @alexisohanian - I noticed this on Reddit :) The idea is you're trying to get from A->B. There are often tickets from A->B->C for a lot cheaper, if C is a less popular city than B. Alexis is right though, it's definitely for those putting price over convenience.
@alexisohanian Adioso is my fav. for upcoming travel startups. There is lots of bright ideas. Cogratulations for you and your team. I will also invest a new travel startup. The team is working for a year. We have lots of smart ideas. Our vision is to develop the best travel site. Keep in touch @ozguralaz