Skip a Beat

World’s first heart rate controlled game, using your iPhone

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Bram Kanstein (@bramk)Hunter@bramk · Working on @nocodemvp (pre-launch)
This is very cool! Skip a Beat that world’s first heart rate controlled game using only your iPhone. Your heart rate is measured using the camera lens of your phone. The heart rate is used as an input for the game that affects the score multiplier. Using the app, you get insight into your heart rate in a fun way: Quantified self meets gamification. Skip a Beat is the first game in the Health & Fitness section. @ysharb is the founder, he can answer some Q's!
Yosef Safi HarbMaker@ysharb · Founder @ Happitech
Hi PH! I am the founder of Happitech. Super happy to be hunted thank you Bram! We spend 1.5 year iterating to get to this solution after experimenting with wearables like heart & brain wave monitors. Now, anyone with an iPhone can experience biofeedback / neurogaming and playing with their heart! Happy to answer any questions you might have straight from Casual Connect Amsterdam [p.s Internet is really sucky at times. New Idea for PHer: Stable wifi during conferences]
Pierrick@pierrickgt · Front-end Developer at Meilleurs Agents
I hope no hardcore gamer will die from a heart attack.
Yosef Safi HarbMaker@ysharb · Founder @ Happitech
@pierrickgt We thought about it! That's why we limit the maximum heart rate to 98 so that people won't over exhaust their heart to get a highscore
Chris Maddern@chrismaddern · Co-Founder, Button
This is clever. I'm really interested to see how we build privacy controls around 'Ultra PII' like heart rate. Imagine if Amazon could see your heart rate as you scroll through products..
Yosef Safi HarbMaker@ysharb · Founder @ Happitech
Thank you for the great support! We are about to overtake Minecraft in the Netherlands! Currently sitting on #6 of all paid apps.
Richard Penner@richardpenner · Co-founder, Figure 1
@ysharb this is a fascinating idea, well done. I can't currently get it to track my heart rate, no matter what I do. The first time I played, the flash didn't turn on. Subsequently it does turn on, but still getting 0 BPM with my finger positioned as instructed. Has it been tested on the iPhone 6?
Yosef Safi HarbMaker@ysharb · Founder @ Happitech
@richardpenner Hi Richard, I think you did not accept the privacy setting to allow your iPhone to use your camera. Go to your privacy settings and allow Skip a Beat to use your camera. If it doesn't work let me know again!
Richard Penner@richardpenner · Co-founder, Figure 1
@ysharb it does have access. Anything else I can try?
Yosef Safi HarbMaker@ysharb · Founder @ Happitech
@richardpenner have you tried keeping on the camera for at least 10 seconds, dont move your finger too much? I check again with the team. If it doesn't work, I'll give you a refund. We have tried it both on the iPhone 6 & plus with no problems.