A better shared scooter, from the founders of Boosted Board

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Skip is a new electric scooter company, founded by the team behind Boosted Board. With a safer design and more stable features than other shared scooters, Skip is the best way to get from point A to point B.

Terenig Topjian
Shaun Collins
  • Shaun Collins
    Shaun CollinsRanger 4 SKIPSCOOTERS

    Cheap reliable fast and convenient


    Must have driver license to

    We have in the city of San Francisco skip and jump which are both good all we need now is Hop get it?


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Nick Abouzeid
Nick AbouzeidPro@nickabouzeid · Partner @ Shrug Capital
I'm so incredibly excited to see this launch. Lime designs their own scooters with Segway, and Bird/SPIN are (I'm sure) on their way as well. Here's to more scooters! 🛴
Hunter Owens
Hunter Owens@owens · Product at TVF
This looks like the fastest scooter yet at 18 mph 😄
Dan Friedman
Dan Friedman@_danfriedman · Data Scientist
I tried out Skip the scooters and they're super fun to ride! I like the wide platform and quicker acceleration! I prefer them over Birds and others in SF.
Hunter Owens
Hunter Owens@owens · Product at TVF
@_danfriedman Where can we try them out?!
Dan Friedman
Dan Friedman@_danfriedman · Data Scientist
@owens Sorry I missed this Hunter! I think they'll offer rides once a new city partnership is made. Stay tuned for where they launch next!
Justin Potts
Justin PottsHunterPro@pottsjustin · Co-founder of Avenify
This looks awesome. One of my biggest fears when riding a Bird or LimeBike is the stability of the scooter, and not feeling safe on the roads. This seems like a step in the right direction to building a safer, more durable mode of easy and efficient transportation.
Swami Saxena
Swami Saxena@only1swami · Product Manager, co-founder
Awesome! Are these coming to SF anytime soon?