A better shared scooter, from the founders of Boosted Board

Skip is a new electric scooter company, founded by the team behind Boosted Board. With a safer design and more stable features than other shared scooters, Skip is the best way to get from point A to point B.

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I'm so incredibly excited to see this launch. Lime designs their own scooters with Segway, and Bird/SPIN are (I'm sure) on their way as well. Here's to more scooters! πŸ›΄
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This looks like the fastest scooter yet at 18 mph πŸ˜„
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I tried out Skip the scooters and they're super fun to ride! I like the wide platform and quicker acceleration! I prefer them over Birds and others in SF.
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@_danfriedman Where can we try them out?!
@owens Sorry I missed this Hunter! I think they'll offer rides once a new city partnership is made. Stay tuned for where they launch next!
This looks awesome. One of my biggest fears when riding a Bird or LimeBike is the stability of the scooter, and not feeling safe on the roads. This seems like a step in the right direction to building a safer, more durable mode of easy and efficient transportation.
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Awesome! Are these coming to SF anytime soon?
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