Lifelong learning using interactive micro-courses

Upgrade your digital marketing talent. Anywhere. Anytime.
skillx is a mobile-first e-learning platform that helps you take your digital marketing skills to the next level with curated news, articles, podcasts and micro-courses personalised just for you!
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Hey PH! We just launched our app! Skillx is a personalised micro-learning platform for working professionals to help them up-skill and move forward in their careers without getting overwhelmed with information. Currently we have content for Digital Marketers on the platform. Features: - Mobile first Interactive content to enable knowledge snacking. - 3 to 5 minute micro-lectures that provide focussed knowledge - High Quality Content - We are onboarding expert content creators! Reach out if you want to collab! - Curated news, blogs, podcasts as shared by experts, community - Share original/loved quality content on the platform Pl note: Assessments and progress tracking are upcoming features :) Our aim is to use the community learning experience to help personalize content for individual learners. The platform will learn from you - the content you need based on your current skills and your career aspirations - and then look at other users' who are one step ahead of you to recommend content that is beneficial to you. 🙏 We'd love to get some feedback and I'll be glad to answer any questions!
Hi, very nice idea, i was looking for it and will definitely try! Congrats!
@esavilov Thanks a lot Eugene! We will make the platform worth your while! :D
Microlearning! Love it :)
@will_burr Yay! Thanks! :D
Great idea and congratulations on actualizing you idea. If I complete a micro-lesson will i get tested on it?
@elijah_dippenaar Thanks Elijah! Currently, we do not have quizzes. But that's the next feature we aim to implement. :) Thanks for raising that point!
I love this that this lets me learn stuff while I'm on the go! This is kind of what I've started using social media for, but without having to filter through all the cat photos and clutter.
@lisasorensen Thanks so much Lisa!! XOXO