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At Skillseed, we help you and your team learn for the here and now. Identify trending topics that are about to change your job or business, use our meta search to find online resources that help you master them and share your learnings with your peers.
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Just checked this out. Really like this concept. Specifically, the simple filtering of results. I did a search for python and 300 plus results came up. The paid courses were at the top. However I was able to quickly filter down to 48 free articles and podcasts. Now, what will make this a go to product for me is some sort of curation of user opinions about the tool. If I was a python newbie, what would be the best piece of content to invest my first hour of learning? If you can start answering questions like that, I will be an enthusiastic evangelist.
@justinfinkel Hey Justin, thanks a lot for taking the time to have a look at Skillseed and writing this comment. This is a vision that we absolutely share - enabling true peer-to-peer learning instead of the top-down mechanics we still see in many corporate environments as of today. Something that comes close to your idea is the concept of shared playlists, which are already available in Skillseed team workspaces. These can be used to curate resources that are recommended in a specific context and share them among your peers - think the Spotify "Jazz for Beginners" equivalent for Python. We are also collaborating with subject matter experts of various fields that will provide hand-picked expert curations for our most popular topic areas. Thank you again!

I really like that I do not have to search through youtube or google in order to find some great educational content. I can just follow what my team and friends I trust have been sharing and can then directly enjoy the same content. It's a bit like Spotify where I don't have to find the great songs myself anymore :)


Beautiful interface and easy to use. I find directly what I am looking for.


Not so many yet :)

Thanks so much for your review, Amanda!
👋 Welcome… …to the Product Hunt listing of Skillseed. Skillseed is one of our newest ventures at mantro - a Munich-based company builder. 👩‍🏫 "Learning for the here and now" - what's that? The world is changing faster than ever before, and so are the daily challenges we meet in our work and personal life. Unfortunately, education has not kept track: Wisdom from college has expired a long time ago, the next classroom training won't take place anytime soon, and don't even get us started about the outdated and low-quality 'e-learning' content in our learning management system. It's about time we all get access to some great new learning content that helps us learn for the here and now. 📚How does Skillseed help? Great news: all kinds of great content are out there already, waiting for you in innovative online trainings, podcasts, book derivatives (such as summaries or audio books) or tutorials. Bad news: there is also a lot of junk. So let us guide you. Skillseed provides a daily list of training recommendations, based on topics interesting to you and your peers. We also offer a magnificient search, taking you straight to a filterable list of training bits that match a sudden need. And if you want to share your discoveries, you can easily do so using public playlists. 🎁 Who is it for? Skillseed can be used in school, university, your job and also in your private life. Skillseed is free for individuals, with an affordable team plan available if you want to collaborate in a shared workspace for your team, company, club or class. 🚀 How can I get started? Head over to and sign in free of charge with your e-mail address - no password required. You want to get your team aboard? Open a workspace and start learning together within seconds. Want to learn more about the story behind Skillseed? Check out 📬 How can I reach you? Just comment here or drop us an e-mail at - we are always looking forward to feedback, suggestions, and connections to everyone out there in the education ecosystem.
I use it during the whole day for my time managment